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Naga Pelangi II will be a junk-rigged charter vessel, operating in the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea and the western part of the Pacific Ocean, with a base in Malaysia. This cruising ground includes some of the last bits of paradise, little known archipelagos with unspoilt reefs, that are best suited to be visited by boat. Apart from this, sailing a junk is an experience like no other. Sailing these waters is not limited to seasons, but possible during the whole year, since the rain stops in the areas east of the Malay peninsula when it starts west of it (and vice versa).

Naga Pelangi II represents the heritage of the Malay art of boatbuilding. She shows how the influences of intense intercultural exchange create something new. This ability to achieve a synthesis of cultures where East meets West is exemplary. The media as well as cultural institutions and organisations, dedicated to supporting understanding among nations, can profit from this powerful symbolism of the ship.

Naga Pelangi II can assist corporations in many ways that wish to develop the attractive potential of the growing markets of Southeast Asia, which are situated in the heart of the intended operational area. This ship stands for the harmony between the old and the new, reconciles tradition with progress, thus "managing change" sucessfully. A corporation interested in engaging in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore etc, can therefore be presented by Naga Pelangi II in accordance with the values of the people of this region.

Naga Pelangi II is unique in building and handling. Her remarkable looks attract attention wherever she makes an appearance. That's precisely why it is quite possible to establish her as a trade name.

Naga Pelangi II can operate in many and profitable ways:

  •    tourism:
    •   individual charter, private group tours:
        adventure cruises, excursions
    •   joint ventures with tour operators, hotels and airlines: 
        day-, dive- and holiday-charter, sunset cruises
        stopover programs and special arrangements
    •   booking of time-sections (see below)

  •    media:
    •   movies & TV-productions
    •   photo-shoots
    •   commercials

  •   corporate marketing (organisations, companies):
    •   corporate identity & public relations
    •   advertising space on sails & hull
    •   promotions & events

  •   corporate charter:
    •   company activities, corporate hospitality:
        invitation of business partners
    •   informal meetings:
        working holidays, closed conferences
        in a small circle and with unusual environment
    •   intercultural exchange:
        meetings of international sales representatives
    •   incentives for employees

  •   culture/science/techic:
    •   scientific expeditions and research trips:
        oceanography, marine biology etc.
    •   training ship for junk sailing
    •   cultural mediator between Asia and the West

Naga Pelangi II offers modern comfort: bathroom/toilet, aircon etc. in three spacious double cabins. The ancient rigging, the traditional deck layout, the solid exotic wood, all merge to create an archaic, authentic athmosphere that a modern yacht rarely possesses.

Naga Pelangi II and * time-booking * :

Secure your holiday now and get involved with us in this classic sailingboat: We offer the booking of "time-sections" for the coming years i.e. the right of use of the Naga Pelangi II can be purchased already now for e.g. one month for a number of years (3/5/10 years) in advance: The boat with skipper & crew will then be ready for you during a guaranteed timespan every year!

* time-booking at a discount *

Naga Pelangi II offers you the opportunity to book the best times in advance at a discount now as long as construction is still under way. With a reasonable investment you can secure an option e.g. on your future holidays in one of the last bits of paradise and at the same time give your support to the project Naga Pelangi II.

* time-booking at a discount *

We offer cooperation opportunities for investors & sponsors !
We are open for ideas and suggestions !

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